Virtual training program for new entrpreneurs who want to learn repeatable strategies to develop their ideas into products and services.

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The steps involved with getting your business idea off the ground can be intimidating. But if you are ready to stop letting doubt, frustration, and overwhelm keep you from moving forward, this program is for you! 

Validate. Build. Launch.

IDEA Blueprint®Academy

For early stage entrepreneurs who want to feel confident about bringing their ideas to market and learn how to build a solid product and customer experience.

In this guided experience you will learn:


The step-by-step creation process you can follow and use to help you execute effectively every time you have a new validated idea.


How to prioritize and choose what should be included in your initial launch to gain valuable, life long customers.


How to beta test your product or service to ensure it not only works but also offers the solution your customers need.


Decision making techniques to avoid wasting time and money on things that won't provide a return on investment.

Take back your confidence and faith to buildout your ideas with access to a proven framework and trustworthy support.  


Have you evaluated and received honest feedback that your idea is needed in the marketplace?


Do you have clarity on the investment and resources required to build and launch your product or service?

Do you have the support and accountability to get started and chart your path to see your idea through to the end?

Do you have the knowledge and guidance to effectively develop and beta test your minimum viable product?

If you answered NO to any of these questions, IDEA Blueprint Academy can help you!

It’s time to stop questioning what you should be doing and gain crystal clear clarity on your roadmap to develop a valuable product for the market and a profitable income stream for your business!

Join IDEA Blueprint Academy today for…

Proven methods and time-saving strategies to build, test, and demo a scalable product. 

Walk away with…

A structured and actionable product creation plan that will help you make informed decisions about your product and service. 

The reassurance that you can meet your goals and increase your profits without exhausting unnecessary resources!

What’s Included…

The systematic approach to product development with strategies to save you time and money, so you can finally make your dream a reality.

1:1 consultation with our team to discuss your specific ideas and needs.

On-demand videos demonstrating the product development process step-by-step.

Access to a private community and discussion boards with new supporters to encourage you along your entrepreneurial journey.

Live office hours to answer questions and receive direct feedback.

Unlimited access to all of the materials found only inside the Academy.

Added BONUS - Immediate access to our idea validation mini-course.

Strategic Sight Consulting took a simple idea and gave me a detailed guide for how to make an actual business. They are equally knowledgeable and resourceful…”

– LaTiesha J. 

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Meet Your Instructor

Hey! I’m Tiara Jones, Co-founder, Engineer and Business Advisor for entrepreneurs.

In my former role as a systems engineer for a strategic investor, I worked with over 50 startups helping them develop and test products and build a strategy around their product roadmap for their target audience. 

After years of being restricted with what I could work on and who I could work with, I wanted the freedom to be creative and use my expertise to help others in my own way. From there I created the IDEA Blueprint product suite with the goal to teach entrepreneurs the behind-the-scenes of the product creation process. 

I’ve helped many build from the ground up and I’m looking forward to helping you too! 

Are you ready to develop your next business idea?


Do you have additional questions about the program?

Contact us at and we will respond within 24 hours.

Who is this course for?

Early stage entrepreneurs (< 3 years) who need help developing their product and service ideas.

My business isn't established yet, is this program still for me?

Yes! An established or registered business is not required for the course. The academy program includes lessons and checklists that cover business structures to help you get started. 

When will the program begin?

The program will be available for continuous enrollment starting Spring 2023.

Will the program help me brainstorm ideas?

This program will not cover idea generation. We recommend brainstorming your ideas prior to starting the course. 

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