Customized Roadmaps for Your Business Ideas

Product and business development strategies to help you start and follow through with your ideas.

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Small Business Consulting

Start Your Business

We provide actionable strategies to help you start your business.

Develop Your Ideas

Our signature development process can help you transform your business ideas into profitable products and services.

Support Your Customer

We develop an operations strategy and identify business tools and resources to help you maintain a solid customer experience. 

Entrepreneurship Quick Start Guide

We Can Help You Start Today

The number one question we hear is, what do I do first? From brainstorming ideas to researching your industry, this five step guide will help you focus your thoughts and outline your plan to kick off your new online business.

Navigating Business Your Way

We provide solutions and plans that are realistic for a busy entrepreneur lifestyle. We want to see your vision come to life and ensure you not only have an actionable plan but also the support to follow through. 

Our mission is to help you build an impactful business that aligns with your personality, interests, and gifts yielding creative and financial freedom through our high-touch consulting services and training programs.

From working with large organizations to two-person teams we understand what it takes to build an idea from the ground up. Our backgrounds are in engineering but our expertise extends beyond just tech. We are creative leaders who know how to adapt our experience to the project at hand.


Guys! Strategic Sight Consulting is where you want and need to be — no kidding! Personally, I never envisioned myself becoming an entrepreneur. However, during a pandemic, many of us have had enough time to recalibrate our Next. Strategic Sight Consulting took a simple idea and gave me a detailed guide for how to make an actual business. Whether you are an established business needing to be reinvented or a person who’s considering a business — Strategic Sight Consulting can and will help you. They are equally very knowledgeable and resourceful and are not stingy with their information. Additionally, they are readily available to answer questions and will hold your hand, if needed, until you feel confident to walk alone. Who wouldn’t want to work with a company where the team serves God and their clients?! Go with SSC. I promise you won’t be disappointed. I’m glad to be a part of the SSC family!


I would like to give a huge thanks to Strategic Consulting for guiding me in the right direction. When I reached out for assistance, they didn’t hesitate. The ball started rolling really quickly, with ideas and strategies to improve my company. I was amazed that things which normally take months to accomplish were being done in a few days.


I say to any and all prospective clients of Strategic Sight Consulting, Don’t wait, just hire them now! I went back and forth on reaching out for help with my business, what could they help me with that I couldn’t figure out myself? Would they see my vision like I do? Would it be affordable for me?  

Turns out there were many areas I needed their expertise on. They saw my vision and refined it and while they were affordable, there is no price on the value they added to my business! I went in for my first meeting with SSC, overwhelmed, Leary, and a bit defeated! That all changed after meeting and speaking with them, I felt like a burden was lifted!  Both Ray and Tiara were inviting, straightforward but still personal. They listened, asked questions and then together we formed a workable solid plan and time table for my business and business launch that included short and long-term goals!  Ray and Tiara work very well together and I appreciate all the knowledge they have to offer. No fluff, just real world strategies, ideas and tips that I have benefited from tremendously. They are also believers which is a super plus!! Today I am thankful I took the leap to work with SSC and only regret not doing it sooner! Thank you SSC Team for everything! You guys are a gift!


Thanks so much for removing the fear and ambiguity around federal contracting proposals. Your guidance made it easy for me to better identify and pursue the right opportunity and fit for my business. Your strategic solutions, transparency, and timeliness made it easy. I couldn’t have done it without you.


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