Federal Consulting



We demonstrate core competency in the analysis of emergent commercial technology to understand operational characteristics, identify vulnerabilities, and easily targetable parameters using specific reverse-engineering techniques developed over years of experience. This aids in the development, implementation, and sustainment of an array of complex systems designed to assist our customers in maintaining a common operating picture for tactical and strategic decision making in support of force protection. We bring experience in information technology, technical analysis of improvised threats, piloting and evaluating Small Unmanned Aircraft Systems capabilities, and a thorough understanding of Capabilities Based Assessments (CBAs) for test and evaluation of custom and commercial based technologies for performance and effectiveness.

541690| 541618| 541611| 561110| 611430| 541330

Perform forensics analysis on custom, commercial, and counterfeit products

Technically characterize custom printed circuit boards

Small Unmanned Aircraft Vehicle Expertise

Information Technology

Test and Evaluation, Planning and Execution

Acquisition support and program management

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